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Player Information
Name: Kiwi
Age: 29
Contact:, Aim: kawaiikitsuwa, [ profile] Atomic_Kiwi
Characters already in Medietas: None
Reserve Link: Link

Character Basics
Character name: Furiosa
Character Journal: [personal profile] stickshiftshiv
Canon: Mad Max: Fury Road
Canon Point: Post Movie
Age: Assumed 26
Icon: icon

Canon Character Information
Appearance: In general, Furiosa is long-limbed and lean, a hard life of survival leaving her physically stronger. She keeps her hair cropped close to her scalp and between her almost challenging posture and pale blue eyes she tends to be somewhat off-putting to talk to which suits her just fine. Most of her scars are common for such a hard life, such as cuts, bullet wounds, clawmarks, however the most immediately noticeable would be that she’s missing her left arm from just above the elbow, usually covered by the metal replacement held by a system of buckles and straps, crafted from scrap car parts and old tools. The next would be the brand at the nape of her neck, shaped in the late Immortan Joe’s symbol, and the last, only visible without her shirt would be the stab-wound in her side, still raised and red, healed from actual injury but an obviously new scar compared to many others.

Her manner of dress tends to be utilitarian, sturdy leather boots, serviceable fabrics for her clothing, blacks, greys, and some browns dominating other than the blue scarf she’d acquired in her travels, the only thing that could questionably be considered frivolous in her wardrobe.

History: Wikia page

Also according to This interview and inference from dialogue between Furiosa and the Wives in the prequel comic, Furiosa was initially kept as one of Immortan Joe’s Wives. However as she was infertile, she was cast out, presumably to die in the Wasteland. However she survived, and through her fierce nature she was able to work amongst the Immortan’s warriors and clawing her way up in rank.

If this is the case, I also have the headcanon that Angharad and Furiosa had met before the prequel comics, if even briefly, as fellow members of Joe’s ‘harem’. (Angharad’s mun in-game is on-board with this)

Barring new information from canon sources I’m assuming that her arm was lost during an incident when she worked as a black thumb, an attempt by some of the War Boys to try and force her out of the Citadel, not expecting her to survive, let alone thrive, and was the incident to bring her to the attention of Ace who acted in what ways as he could, as a mentor.

Personality: In essence, she lives up to her name. There’s so much of her character that has been born of fury in some way or another, a drive for revenge and a spiteful desire to survive no matter what anyone else whether man, god, or even the universe at large, might have intended. To the initial observer, she’s a concentrated tangle of unpersonable anger, cold and calculating in the face of the potential threats around her. But the cold is a lie, a fury burning so hot as to feel like ice until the inevitable explosion. She keeps her temper on a leash, able to pretend loyalty to the man who she’s determined to destroy, to a cause she hates, but once the chance comes she’s unafraid to drop the lead and let her emotion lead, to allow herself her anger her righteous fury as she takes vengeance and in some way attempts to find some solace in a redemption she feels is necessary after so many years playing to the Immortan’s way of life.

She has a distinct sense of right and wrong and will go toe-to-toe with anyone she needs to in order to see the right thing done. This sometimes brings out an almost self-destructive streak in her; she’s willing to put herself through hell and risk her life without hesitation for the cause she’s taken on as needing to fight for. In fact she fully expects to not survive her treason, but so long as the Wives are kept from the Immortan, then she legitimately doesn’t seem to care. And this is before we see any sort of emotional bond being built, though we can argue that inroads were made while she was guarding them in the Citadel. That if she hadn’t felt a connection with them she wouldn’t have agreed with Angharad’s pleas to take them with her when she finally left.

Even so, she’s almost skittish about becoming connected with anyone, with sharing any sort of bond with others. Not quite afraid, but knowing that her own loyalty to those she cares about, her own emotions could become a downfall if something were to go wrong, if at some point she were betrayed. Because when Furiosa does care, she does so deeply. She creates strong bonds with friends and allies, coming to see them as more family than anything, trusting them with her back just as they would trust her with theirs. She’ll go above and beyond to protect them, even so far as to return to a hell she swore she’d escape for the slim chance of a better life for them, ready to sacrifice herself to ensure they have life and some chance at peace and happiness.

Her own happiness isn’t as important to her, and she seems almost uncomfortable with the idea of it, of being able to relax, of being able to express herself on an emotional level. Her whole life had been a long lesson in the importance of concealing emotion. Of pretending not to be hurt, of hiding pain and fear behind anger and brutal strength. Taking the broken pieces of herself after everything that had happened and instead of trying to put herself back together, using them to lash out with, to hurt those who’d caused the damage in the first place and any that allied with them. With such a background, she finds expressing herself difficult except for short bursts, hints of dry humor in the face of fear. Not the healthiest way to live, but it’s worked for her so far.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: She is strong for a human, but her main skills are in things like her driving talents or her ability with fighting and firearms, including being a highly skilled sniper. Her prosthetic arm gives her a heavier hit, and the environment she’s lived in gives her a bit of an edge in dealing with desert situations. She’s also very good at climbing and the sort of acrobatics that allow one to move over and between moving vehicles at high speeds.
AU/CR AU Addendum: N/A

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay
The knife she was stabbed with, a blackthumb’s tool kit, a copy of Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant, and a pear tree, still small enough to be in a pot.

First Person: When Angharad told me fresh water fell from the sky I thought she was joking.

[The feed flicks on, showing a very perturbed Imperator, staring pensively out the window of her room. Metal fingers tapped repetitively at the windowsill as she frowned at the rivulets of water cascading over the outside of the glass.]

Only rain that falls back home anymore’s poison. Acid rain, strips the finish off anything left out too long, ruins soil and crops, where you can get plants to take outside at all. But this?

[There was almost hesitation before she was opening the window to push her right hand out to let rain drench her skin as she breathed in the unfamiliar scent of fresh, clean rainfall.]

It do this often?

Third Person: TDM

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: sun


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